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About Our Services

Are late nights at the office preventing you from keeping your home tidy? Too busy taking the children to school, on playdates, and to practices to think about vacuuming the floors? We know life can be unpredictable, and when you are tired and overworked, the last thing anybody wants to do is clean their home.  For whatever the reason you are looking for home cleaning help, Allied Resources Unlimited, LLC has you covered. We operate in the greater Sparks, NV area and provide the following services:

Residential Cleaning and Maid Services

When you schedule a cleaner from our company, you can rest assured knowing that someone will be at your home ready to go at the time you specified. We are dedicated to helping you return bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, the living room, and other areas in your home to the like-new condition you remember from when you first moved in!

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

We offer affordable and timely commercial cleaning services to all business owners in this and the surrounding areas. We use industry-grade equipment and high-quality cleaning products. We are here to assist you with keeping your image spotless and your employees motivated.

Handyman Services

We often encounter situations where we need help to get home repair jobs done. These tasks range from fixing electrical faults decorating our houses, repairing plumbing fixtures, or even repairing the drywall or fence. The list is endless. When such needs arise, you need to turn to a reliable handyman service provider. And if you’re somewhere in or around Sparks, NV, then we are the company you can trust.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows yourself is a real hassle, but the benefits are hard to ignore. Nobody wants to waste their free time on labor-intensive cleaning duties, especially when there is a real chance that you could end up hurting yourself. At Allied Resources Unlimited, LLC, we know this and guarantee services that will exceed your highest expectations.

One-Time Cleaning

Even if it comes to a one-time cleaning job, make sure you turn to us!

We await your calls at (775) 312-6947.

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Allied Resources Unlimited, LLC

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Phone: (775) 433-7760

Sparks, NV 89431

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